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soooo excited!

hp snape
I have horrible taste in music.  I can happily admit that.  If it's peppy and makes me smile, I'll most likely like it and sing along.

My Mother's Day gift this year is a girls night out to see Salt 'n Pepa & MC Hammer in concert!

I am DYING!  My bff Julie brought it up about a month or two ago.  The concert is at a casino near her house, in Oklahoma and she jokingly said we should go.  I mentioned it to Kris, we checked the date, and decided it'd be a perfect Mother's Day gift.  We have built up quite the group - friends, friends of friends, my sister and everyone is freaking out.  We're such losers, lol.  We will randomly text one another song lyrics throughout the day.  I've been playing their songs nonstop for weeks to prep myself for the show.  I almost screamed when they performed "Can't Touch This" on Glee Tuesday night because I've been singing it for weeks. 

I'm so excited!

(For Mother's Day we usually do my stuff on Saturday, then my mom on Sunday, MIL on Monday; we're going on a picnic at the park Saturday, then dropping the kids off with MIL.  The husbands/boyfriends are all meeting up to gamble while we enjoy the greatest concert ever.  Sunday will be lunch with my mom, then we're taking dinner to MIL)

Happy New Year!

hp snape
I hope all of my friends have a very wonderful New Year's Eve and a wonderful start to the new year.

We're having a very low key evening - Chinese take-out, movies, and wine. 



excited js
My LJ RAOK gift came in the mail today! I'm so excited! I'd have been happy with anything (literally just about anything!) but my person nailed it - I got an adorable Coach keychain! I was actually looking at the Coach site this afternoon before I picked Ava up from school, thinking how cute the keychains were and how they'd make a nice little gift for my sisters. I'm so excited!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my fabulous RAOK friend!


Jan. 16th, 2009

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We bought a recliner :)  It's light brown leather and I think will coordinate with our couch nicely.  Kris is picking it up tomorrow afternoon.  I'm so thrilled to be getting rid of the ugly green chair we have.  Though to be fair, it's not that ugly, it just doesn't go well with our new couch.  And with the neutral chair I can add some pretty blue to the room, pulling it from the blue flowers in our rug.  I'm happy to have a color other than green in my living room!


Day 1 - Unemployed

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I slept in until 9:30 this morning.  It was so nice.  I needed that, especially since I was up so late the night before.  It was very strange not working today.   I kept thinking it was Saturday.  Still do.  Kris had a dr appt this morning.  He's been having some pain in his hip joint.  He got a shot and the dr wants a follow-up and x-ray to see what's going on.  Afterwards we ate lunch, then went grocery shopping.  When we got home James went right to sleep, so I put things away then Ava and I went to the movies.  She wanted to see Wall-E, the new Disney Pixar movie.  It was really fun going just me and her.  The movie was okay.  Ava got bored during several parts and I did, too.  There's not a lot of dialogue and it's mostly just two robots saying "wall-e" and "eve".  But the overall story had a nice message, though I think it might be lost on little kids (very "save the earth").

Tomorrow we're doing the local Farmer's Market, then I'm taking the kids to the mini water park by the house. 

BIL is doing okay today.  He said he's feeling sore now, but is fine.  He's talked to his ex's parents a lot today and they're going to get a hospital evaluation for her.  Thank you for your prayers for them.

May. 11th, 2008

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Hair is colored. 

Kris doesn't like it.  He says it  doesn't look any different.  I do, then I don't.  I'm still deciding.  I think it looks very different.  I chose a shade of brown 2 shades lighter than my own, but instead of looking brown it looks very, very red.  Lighter, but red.  He wanted me to do dark brown, so I think he's just pissy about that.  I'm hoping once the color sets in it'll be more brown, less orange-y red.  I have an appt. to go back in 6 weeks for a touch up and may consider something else then.  We'll see.  I do think I'll try dark brown in the fall.  The cut is fantastic; my hair feels nice and light again.  I got a hand massage while waiting for the color to set, which was so relaxing.  I'll take pictures tomorrow. 

We're going to my mom & dad's for lunch and the afternoon.  I hope all my mama friends on here have a fabulous Mother's Day!!!!

EDIT: Okay.  I just examined it again in the mirror and it's not as orange-y as I thought it was.  The red is still very visible, but I do think it'll go away once the color is more set in.  And it's definitely lighter than it was before.  So I'm happy :)

and btw, can someone please tell my kids to stop waking?  first James, then Ava, then J again, then A with a nosebleed while I'm dealing with J.  I'm scared to lie down because I know as soon as I do someone will need a diaper, tissue, or something....


Dec. 29th, 2007

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This journal is friends only.  Leave a comment & I'll friend you :)

(I thought I did this before, but I think I accidently made the post friends only.  Oops!)

last one, then bed

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We've been in our house for a year today!  I can't believe it's been a year already.  And our slow selves are just now getting around to decorating, lol.  Kris has plans to cut down the awful holly bushes in the backyard this weekend to open it up for the kids.  And I want to finally break down and paint. 

(And Ava is finally, thankfully, getting better.  I had to force her to potty this evening and hold her down so I could get some medicine down her throat, but shortly after she was up playing with her Christmas toys.  It's the first she's played with them; she's spent all week literally lying in my bed or on the couch.  Yea for my healthy girl!)



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While I'm on here, can anyone suggest some good books?  Now that most of the internet is blocked I have a chance to read while pumping.  I've got a small list of books on hold at the library, but would love more ideas!